Atlanta Domestic Violence Lawyer: Temporary Protective Orders

No one deserves physical abuse, violence, or injury. Therefore, when people come to us to seek legal protections from domestic violence, we fight hard for them with compassion and understanding. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, The Silver Law Office focuses entirely on family law, so we have in-depth knowledge of how Georgia law affects families. We use this knowledge to our clients’ advantage. We can take effective action against the often difficult realities of family violence.

We know that time and confidentiality can be critical factors when it comes to obtaining temporary protective orders for our clients. Our meetings with clients are always confidential. Moreover, as a small law firm, we have the flexibility to respond quickly when you or your children are in danger.

Temporary protective orders can be an effective way to protect you and your children, and make sure that an abuser stays out of your home. It means that your abuser may face serious legal consequences if he or she comes near you. For more information, contact our law firm by calling 404-459-5890.

Fighting False Allegations of Abuse

Sadly, it is not uncommon for people to allege domestic violence as a strategic way to gain an edge in divorce proceedings. Dedicated to ethics in the practice of law, The Silver Law Firm, LLC fights hard to make sure that false allegations do not result in the court granting a temporary protective order. So, when you have been falsely accused of abuse, we stand by you in hearings with a strong defense to inform the court of the truth.

Talk with Us at The Silver Law Firm, LLC

If you have questions about temporary protective orders, contact our law firm by calling 404-459-5890. Family law attorney Jed Silver can help you take action to protect your safety and your rights.