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People who wish to avoid court in family law matters owe it to themselves to learn about mediation. In mediation, a neutral third party mediator guides parties in coming to a mutually-agreeable decision on the applicable issue. Each spouse is represented by an attorney experienced in divorce mediation.

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What Are the Benefits of Mediation?

In mediation, divorcing spouses meet with a third-party neutral mediator who encourages working collaboratively to resolve issues. Individual spouses are represented by attorneys who protect their separate interests.

People choose divorce mediation for a variety of reasons:

  • Individual spouses have more control of the outcome of the case. In mediation, spouses work together to drive the process, and stay in control throughout.
  • Mediation is a cost-effective alternative to litigation, where court costs can add up quickly.
  • Mediation is often a faster method of resolving a family law issue than litigation.
  • Parties are encouraged to work together to resolve an issue, making mediation a preferred method of resolving child custody and visitation and property division matters.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Many people wish to avoid courtroom litigation which can be a costly, time-consuming, and emotionally-wrenching process. In addition to mediation, The Silver Law Firm, LLC can help you explore other forms of alternative dispute resolution to finalize your divorce. Arbitration is a legal process in which divorcing spouses meet with an arbitrator who makes a judgment on the case. Contact us to learn more.

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