Attorney Who Knows Georgia Child Support Laws

Child support can be a source of confusion or conflict for many Georgia parents. At the Atlanta, Georgia, law office of The Silver Law Firm, LLC, Jed Silver works hard to resolve this confusion. When conflict is involved, he forcefully protects the interests of his clients and their children.

Lawyer Jed Silver has been helping parents with family law matters like child support since 1988. He uses his knowledge and experience to provide top-quality legal representation for his clients. At the same time, Jed Silver makes sure to keep up to date on the latest law changes and courtroom strategies to make sure that he gets the best possible outcomes.

In January 2007, Georgia implemented new child support guidelines. The guidelines now use an “income shares” model that takes into account the incomes of both parents. With the new guidelines, child support has become an increasing complex. But Jed Silver is up to the task of providing the highest quality legal representation under the new laws. He can help his clients understand how the new guidelines will affect them. Working closely with parents, he helps protect their interests and the best interests of their children.

Modification and Enforcement of Child Support Orders

The Silver Law Firm, LLC can also help in enforcement and modification of existing child support orders. Sometimes establishing paternity is a prerequisite to collecting child support. When it is, Jed Silver can help his clients take legal action under the Georgia rules.

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