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Disputes over child custody and visitation are often most difficult on children. At the Atlanta, Georgia, law office of The Silver Law Firm, LLC, we help parents protect the needs of their children in often difficult times. We know that parents usually know what is best for their children, so we take forceful legal action to make sure that their rights and relationships with their children are protected.

Many divorcing parents’ largest concern is where their child will live. Changes in physical custody or in visitation can mean larger changes to schooling, family schedules, and quality time. At The Silver Law Firm, LLC, we help our clients consider these changes and the impact they will have on their children. We work closely with them to make sure the decisions they make are the ones that are best for them and their changing family.

Georgia child custody law is changing. Effective January 1, 2008, the new child custody law requires that all parents create a detailed parenting plan. This parenting plan must be incorporated into any divorce with children involved, or any later modifications made to child custody orders. The new changes mean that parents with children need more guidance than ever. At The Silver Law Firm, LLC, we are prepared for the complexities involved. Using the latest technology and continuing education, we are fully prepared to guide our clients through the new law changes.

Modification of an Existing Child Custody or Visitation Order

As your child grows older, their needs often grow and change. We can help you make any needed modifications to existing child custody or visitation orders.

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